Haberdashers’ Adams' Grammar School and Haberdashers’ Abraham Darby Academy are both part of the Haberdashers' Adams' Federation Trust (HAFT).  HAFT is sponsored by The Haberdashers' Company (the Company), a livery company which was made trustee of Adams’ Grammar School by its founder, William Adams.

Day to day and operational running and management of the academies is led by the Headmaster, in the case of Adams, and the Principal, in the case of Abraham Darby, in each case together with their respective senior leadership teams and staffs.

The Governors are unpaid, non-executive volunteers with different backgrounds and experience who, with the benefit of the recommendations of the management, make the strategic, financial and other major decisions for HAFT and the academies, and monitor the implementation by management of the strategic decisions.  Governors should act as critical friends of the Headmaster and Principal and their senior colleagues, with the benefit of their different interests, experience and expertise.  Governors include persons who live locally to the academies and elected parents and members of staff.

All Governors are Governors of both academies but, apart from the Chairman of the Board, are only members of one LGB.  All Governors are a member of at least one other committee.

The governance of HAFT and therefore both academies is as follows:

HAFT has five members (the Company and four Haberdashers nominated by the Company) who elect the Directors.

HAFT has a Board of Directors, which currently has seven members, with Haberdashers constituting a majority, and is chaired by Anthony Cann.  All the chairs of the main committees are Directors.  The Board has the ultimate legal responsibilities and liabilities for the governance of the Federation and its schools.  All the other committees report to the Board and are subject to it.  The Board reviews the minutes of all committee meetings and matters referred to it by any committee, as well as itself conducting matters appropriate only for the Board.  The Board usually meets twice a term.

There are seven principal committees:

The Local Governing Bodies (LGBs) of each school.  The LGB for Adams is chaired by Sam Taylor; that for Abraham Darby is chaired by John Gallagher.  They meet once a term.  They govern each school subject to, and within the authority granted by, the Board.  They assist the development of strategy of the relevant school and monitor its implementation.  The members of each LGB include the Headmaster of Adams or, as the case may be, Principal of Abraham Darby, two Governors elected from among parents and one Governor elected from the staff.

The Finance and Buildings Committee (FBC).  This is chaired by Sam Taylor.  It has oversight of and responsibility for the financial matters of each school and the Federation, as well as their premises and their maintenance.  It meets once a term but members receive monthly financial updates.

The Audit Committee.  This is chaired by Roddy Barrow and its membership is the same as FBC except that the chair of FBC and the chair of the Board are not members.  It meets twice a year - to review the audit plan in the summer and the audited accounts and the auditor's report and management letter in the autumn.

Teaching, Learning & Standards Committee (TLS).  This is chaired by Maurice Walters and reviews teaching and learning in both schools and so it reviews the academic outcomes.  TLS usually meets five times a year.

Pupil & Staff Welfare Committee (PSW).  This is chaired by Colin Watt.  It has responsibility for pupil and staff welfare matters including Boarding at Adams and Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) at both schools.  It usually meets five times a year, including once with a Boarding focus.

Careers Committee.  This is chaired by Arun Daniel-Selvaratnam. Its principal function is to guide and oversee both academies’ activities in relation to students’ destinations after leaving school.